lesson 1 - me and you


󱤴 mifirst-person pronoun (i, me, we, us)

󱥞 sinasecond-person pronoun (you)

󱥦 suwisweet, fragrant; cute, adorable

󱥝 sinnew, fresh, update; repeat, do again; additional, another, extra

󱥬 tokicommunicate, say, think; conversation, story; language

󱥔 ponapositive quality; good, pleasant, helpful, friendly, useful, peaceful


sentences with 󱤴 mi or 󱥞 sina

the most basic sentence structure in toki pona:

󱤴/󱥞 predicate
mi/sina predicate

󱤴/󱥞 mi/sina is the subject of this sentence - the one who is doing or being.

the predicate is what the subject is doing or being.

sitelen pona

sitelen pona is toki pona's own writing system!

its a logography, where every word has its own symbol. you've already seen the symbols - they're next to the words in the vocab section!


  • in toki pona, you don't capitalize the starts of sentences.
  • toki pona has no built-in tense or number.


󱥞 󱥦
sina suwi

you are cute

󱤴 󱥬
mi toki

we talked
i am talking


translate from toki pona to english

mi suwi

i'm cute

sina pona

you're good

mi sin

i'm new

translate from english to toki pona

we're talking

mi toki

i'm you

mi sina

read sitelen pona


sina toki
you're talking


mi pona
i'm nice