lesson 16 - colours


󱤒 jeloyellow, amber, golden, lime yellow, yellowish orange

󱤣 lasoturquoise, blue, green, cyan, indigo, lime green

󱤫 lojered, magenta, scarlet, pink, rust-colored, reddish orange

󱥏 pimejadark, unlit; black, purple, brown

󱥲 walolight-colored, white, pale, light gray, cream



there's not really much special to say about colours. i just thought it'd be a nice break from grammar.


soweli jelo pimeja

black and yellow dog

soweli pi jelo pimeja

dark-yellow dog


translate from toki pona to english

mi loje e tomo · mi la loje li kule wawa a

i paint the house pink. i think it's a vibrant colour
(could also be any other reddish colour but i translated with pink cuz thats a nice colour)

kule la seme li pona mute tawa sina

what's your favourite colour?

sewi li kama pimeja

the sky is getting dark

translate from english to toki pona

the bees are on the flowers

pipi li lon kasi
pipi jelo pimeja li lon kasi

the ocean is green

telo suli li laso

what colour is your house?

tomo sina li kule seme
kule seme li lon tomo sina

the sun is not yellow

suno li jelo ala

read sitelen pona


o loje e ma
paint the world red


mi wile e len pimeja walo
i want black and white clothes


jan musi li kule e sinpin ona · mi sona ala e tan
clowns paint their faces. i don't know why


kala la laso li pona
fish like blue