• changed the "mi mute li wawa" example in lesson 3 to "mi sin li wawa"


  • added definitions from lipamanka's toki pona dictionary to the vocab sections. click the words to see a more detailed explanation of the words!
  • added a small clarification about prepositions being stackable to lesson 7 - prepositions
  • made a changelog so i can keep track of things that have changed


  • made the vocab section look a little nicer. this is just a formatting change, so all translations received this change too.
  • changed "word ala word" to "ijo ala ijo"


  • the course now features sitelen pona next to pretty much every toki pona sentence
  • explanations for how sitelen pona works have been added
  • the website looks nicer
  • the extra page was removed, hints were removed, and the exercises in lesson 0 were removed.
  • course was moved to and is now hosted w/ github pages (more stable!)


  • added a french translation (thanks jan Aleko!)


  • added an italian translation (thanks mun Sijala!)
  • did some small fixes from mun Sijala


  • created a pdf version of my course


  • anu is no longer fucked up


  • added a norwegian translation
  • removed gender (removed the words meli, mije, and tonsi)
  • removed namako
  • added a note to the final lesson, recommending nasin toki pona
  • changed the extra page to use lipu Linku's categories instead of ku suli


  • removed "with" from kepeken's definitions


  • more corrections from cool ppl
  • separated introduction page from the front page
  • added explanation for how most people do punctuation


  • added small corrections from various cool ppl: jan Ke Tami, kili pan Juli, jan Sa, jan Tepo, kulupu kasi, and jan Sonja!
    • clarified that preverbs can be stacked
    • clarified that the jan rant is a personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect everyone's usage
    • fixed small typos and mistakes
    • removed nasin nanpa pona from lesson 18
    • added IPA and a note telling people to refer to the IPA for the most accurate idea of the pronunciations possible to lesson 0


  • shared the course with the world!